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How to Add New Workers to Digital Labor Law: In Bulk Via Spreadsheet

NOTE: There are 3 ways to add new workers to the system.

1. You add them one by one, manually.
2. You can add them in bulk via uploading a CSV. (This is what is shown below.)
3. You can send them the link to have them add themselves.

REMINDER: Before you start, at any time, under “MANAGE WORKERS” you can see the status of any worker – whether or not they have been invited to sign/review posters, or whether they have in fact signed posters once invited.

1. Save all workers names in a CSV file with columns: first name; last name; email. It is optional to add states at this point. Upload the file by hitting the UPLOAD CSV button.

You can download a sample file if you need help on how to set up your file; this will show you the exact format to do so.

2. Once you select the workers you need to review and sign the posters, you will confirm the posters you want them to see.


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