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How to Customize Your Labor Law Posters

In this how-to post, I’ll walk you through how to customize your Labor Law widget so that it fits your organization’s needs. This is also how you’ll fill in Labor Law posters that require you to add in additional information specific to your organization.

  1. To customize your posters in this way, navigate to the ACCOUNTS & ORDERS website page once you are logged in. Now click ”TO CUSTOMIZE POSTERS: CLICK HERE.”

2. All your posters will now show, and the ones that require customization will say “customize” next to them. Here is an example:

3. Click “customize” next. Now you will see the specific poster to edit.

Double-Click to create a new line of text or edit existing text. For example, to the right, a new line of text was added by double-clicking on the line, and then starting to type.

Simply click and drag to move any text box to a new location on the page. Here’s an example of what you might see at this point:

4. Here’s an example of a poster that is in the process of being filled out. Note that at the bottom of the page, you can edit the font and the font size.

Once completed, hit save to save the poster, as you filled it out.

5. Once you have filled in any and all posters you want to fill in via the customization functionality, go back to your widget on the ACCOUNTS & ORDERS page and grab the code.

The code you just grabbed (copy and paste) will now reflect the posters you just updated and filled out.

NOTE: You may also want to print off your Labor Law posters, and you may want to post those in a physical place in your worksite.

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