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How to Add New Workers to Digital Labor Law: Self-Setup

NOTE: There are 3 ways to add new workers to the system.

1. You add them one by one, manually.
2. You can add them in bulk via uploading a CSV
3. You can send them the link to have them add themselves. (This is what is shown below.)

REMINDER: Before you start, at any time, under “MANAGE WORKERS” you can see the status of any worker – whether or not they have been invited to sign/review posters, or whether they have in fact signed posters once invited.

  1. When logged in, go to the ACCOUNTS & ORDERS page and then go to MANAGE WORKERS. Now click the link where it says EMPLOYEE SELF-ONBOARDING. You will send or share this link with them and they will fill out their own information.

2. The person who is given this public link will be prompted to fill out their own information when they receive the invite email. You must select the one state that applies to them to use the platform this way.

This is the information they are asked to provide. They will then need to verify their email so they have an account.

Remember, just because they have signed up does NOT mean you have invited them to view any posters! Once they are signed up, THEN you can go back and add posters to them so that they can review them. See below on where to go to invite them to sign/review the posters.

Need more help or have other questions? Email us at kim (at) today!

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