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How to Sign Your Labor Law Posters

1. Before you agree that you have seen your Labor Law posters, someone in your organization has taken the time to select and send those posters to you. Once they take this step, you will receive a notification email letting you know you have documents (posters) awaiting your signature and review.

Once you click-through on the link provided in the email, you will be guided through each and every poster to review and then sign off on, indicating you have seen and reviewed the poster and its content.

TIP: Ensure your initials remain the same throughout the process.

2. Once you review all the posters, you can also hit SIGN ALL to sign them in bulk. Here’s an example of what it lookslike to enter your first and last initials to sign off on a poster:

3. Once you have reviewed and signed all the posters, you will get a success screen.

NOTE: You may also want to print off your Labor Law posters, and you may want to post those in a physical place in your worksite.

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